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Can You Log Into Your Itunes Account From Any Computer?

If you want to log in to your iTunes account from another computer, such as while you are traveling, you can authorize up to five stand-alone computers at any one time to access your iTunes account and purchases.

How do I open my iTunes library on another computer?

Hold down the Shift key while you open iTunes (go to Start, then choose iTunes > iTunes). Click Choose Library. Choose the iTunes folder that you dragged to your computer in step 2, click Open, then choose the iTunes Library.

Can I use my iTunes account on multiple devices?

Yes you can sync multiple devices to one iTunes account. iTunes will treat them as separate backups. All the devices should have the same Apple Account though.

Can you share iTunes accounts?

With Family Sharing, up to six family members can download each other’s iTunes Store purchases to their own computers and devices. Family members can also hide their purchases so others can’t download them. To use Family Sharing, you need an Apple ID, and you must be invited to join a family group.

Can I use iTunes on a public computer?

There is no licensing block against installing iTunes itself on your public workstations.

Can I use my iTunes account on another iPhone?

By logging into the shared Apple ID in iTunes/App Store you’ll be able to install the same app across multiple devices, as well as keep all of the personal information synced via iCloud separate.

Do I have iTunes Match?

On iOS, open Settings, and then choose Music > iCloud Music Library. Turn on iCloud Music Library in iTunes. You can subscribe to either iTunes Match or Apple Music from the Account menu in iTunes. If you’re already signed into these services, you won’t see the iTunes Match and Apple Music menu items.

How do I share iTunes purchases?

On your Mac, choose the Apple menu > System Preferences. Click Family Sharing. Click Purchase Sharing in the sidebar. Click Set Up Purchase Sharing and follow the onscreen instructions.

How can I get iTunes on my Chromebook?

local -> share -> applications -> wine -> Program Files -> iTunes. Here, you will find iTunes. desktop file which is the shortcut that we need to edit. So, right-click on it and select “Open With”.

What happens if I use the same Apple ID on two devices?

You can use the same Apple ID on two phones, but you should probably do so without mirroring. Mirroring will share all the information between the two phones, even the messages, photos, and call logs. Unless this is your intention, using your Apple ID on a second phone will share your private data.

Can I set up Family Sharing from my PC?

On your Windows 10 PC, select the Start button, then select Settings > Accounts > Family & other people. (You’ll need to be signed in to Windows with a Microsoft account.) Select Add a family member. Select Add a child or Add an adult.

Can Family Sharing see my photos?

Actually a Shared Family photo album is a feature of Family Sharing. Photos need to be actually shared through that album to be visible to other members of the family group however. So unless you actually share you photos, they cannot be seen by anybody else.

Are iTunes and Apple ID the same?

Apple ID’s – iTunes vs iCloud

An Apple ID is the email address you use as a login for just about everything you do with Apple, including using iCloud to store your content, buying songs from the iTunes Store, and downloading apps from the App Store. An iCloud account, iTunes account and Apple ID are all the same thing.

Can I share my iTunes library with my wife?

As long as you have both signed on to the iTunes library you are syncing with, and as long as you have both authorized that computer to your iTunes sign-on, you can share (or eliminate) any music you wish from your individual devices.

Can I send music from my iPhone to someone else?

Head over to the iPhone from where you want to send the music files. Open the “Music” app and go to the music file or album you want to share. Then tap the “Share” button showing in the details of the music file. At last, choose the name of the target iPhone and send the music.

How much is iTunes Match per year?

What is iTunes Match? For $25 a year, Apple’s iTunes Match service lets you match or upload up to 100,000 tracks from your Mac’s library (or libraries) to iCloud Music Library, where you can then stream or download said tracks — DRM-free — to up to nine of your other devices (a total of 10).

Do I need both Apple Music and iTunes Match?

If you subscribe to Apple Music, you don’t need iTunes Match. iTunes in the cloud will be available irrespective of whether yo have a subscription or not. If you have an Apple Music membership, you get all of the benefits of iTunes Match, plus access to the entire Apple Music catalog.

Can I put my entire iTunes library on iCloud?

If you subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you can store all of your music in your iCloud Music Library, including songs you imported from CDs and purchased from places other than the iTunes Store. You can play those songs on any of your computers or devices whenever you want.

How many devices can use iTunes Match?

How many devices can I use iTunes Match with? Apple says that access to some services (uploading and matching libraries, streaming music) is limited to 10 devices. This includes computers, iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, and Apple TVs.

Can Family Sharing see what apps you download?

Tap “My Purchases” to see your own list of purchased apps if you’re using iCloud Family Sharing. You’ll see a list of all the apps you’ve ever purchased or downloaded.

Can family see app downloads?

Your parents will never find out about the app since it would not be logged into the phone’s account. You can also create a separate account on your phone to download any app that you do not want your parents to see by any means.

What is Apple purchase sharing?

As a member of a Family Sharing group, you have immediate access to purchases shared by other group members. You can download their purchases on your Mac, iOS, and iPadOS devices at any time. Other members of the group can access your purchases in the same way.

How do I retrieve iTunes password?

Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Apple ID. Click Password & Security. If you’re asked to enter your Apple ID password, click “Forgot Apple ID or password” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Can you download iTunes on a PC?

To download iTunes on a Windows computer, you’ll need to head to the digital Microsoft Store. You can reach the Microsoft Store through the official iTunes website, or by opening the Store’s app on your Windows PC.

Is a Chromebook a PC?

Switch from a PC or Mac

Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome OS, an operating system that has cloud storage, the best of Google built-in, and multiple layers of security.

Why can’t I download iTunes on my Chromebook?

Since the 64-bit version iTunes app is not compatible with Chromebook, you should download the 32-bit version instead. Click here to open the iTunes for Windows (32-bit) download page on Apple Support website. Click on the Download button and choose a location to save the setup file.

Can someone see my texts with my Apple ID?

All replies. Yes. If they can login to your iCloud then they have the exact same access as you do. iCloud has no way of knowing who is using the AppleID and signing in.

How do I know if my iPhone is linked to another device?

Tap Settings > [your name], then scroll down. Tap any device name to view that device’s information, such as the device model, serial number, OS version, and whether the device is trusted and can be used to receive Apple ID verification codes.

Can you have 2 Apple IDs with the same email address?

No. An AppleID is just an email address, so no two emails can in fact be the same AppleID.