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What Should Your Business Do When Facebook Goes Down?

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Facebook services went offline on Monday for a good six hours. Along with Facebook followed Instagram, Oculus, and of course WhatsApp. This created havoc and hysteria among users who waited impatiently for the services to come back online.

During the downtime, Facebook officials didn’t make any updates regarding the process, thus letting people’s imaginations grow wild. The internet didn’t wait long to produce conspiracy theory memes and myths.

Facebook confirms it wasn’t a hack

Initially, people thought it’s an attack on Facebook servers. Within minutes, news and rumors emerged talking about a hack on their infrastructure or maybe even a DDoS attack to keep them offline.

Officially though, Facebook claims the problem was internal. Configuration changes between their internal infrastructure have led to a cascading effect of disaster. This claim was also to calm down investors who might have gained fear over a potential hack and wanted to sell out their stocks. 

What to do When Your Social Media Platforms Go Offline

If your customers depend on your Social Media presence, it’s important to know what to do when your preferred platform goes offline.

First, you should check on which end is the problem. Sometimes, it can be a glitch with your internet connection. It’s worth taking 5 minutes to check if it works from your mobile phone or tablet.

Consider using a backup social media platform that isn’t owned by the same company. Monday, when Facebook went down, Twitter gained a lot of traction as a lot of people just moved over there.

It’s wise to get your customer base accommodated with all of your social media accounts so they have multiple options to stay in touch.

Lastly, it would be wise to consider creating an email base for your clients. In cases of emergency like it was Monday, your company can just email them a quick update. It’s also easier to filter only a specific group of your clients and give them the special attention they need.