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How Do You Measure Your Finger At Home

How to Measure the Finger?
  1. To measure your finger, use tape or floss.
  2. Wrap one of these measuring tools around the base of your finger.
  3. Use a pen to mark where the tape or floss overlaps for the first time.
  4. Now using a ruler, measure the length of the object in millimeters.

How can I measure my finger without a tape measure?

Use a floss or string

Wrap the floss, string, or paper around the base of your ring finger. Use a pen to mark the point where the material first overlaps. Straighten out the string or paper and measure the length in millimeters using a ruler. This is the circumference of your finger.

What is the easiest way to measure your finger for a ring?

Measure your ring size with these steps:

Wrap string or paper around the base of your finger. Mark the point where the ends meet with a pen. Measure the string or paper with a ruler (mm). Pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart to find your ring size.

How big is a size 7 ring?

Size 7 = 17.3 mm. Size 7.5 = 17.7 mm.

What size ring is 7 cm?

Use the ring size chart below to find your fit:

Circumference (cm) Ring Size
6.5 cm 8
7 cm 9
7.5 cm 10
8 cm 11

3 more rows•Jun 22, 2021

How do I figure out my ring size?

Ring Size Calculation

  1. Wrap your finger in a piece of string, paper, or tape.
  2. Mark the point of meeting of the two ends.
  3. Measure the string, paper, or tape to get your finger circumference.
  4. Divide it by a calculator number such as 3.15 to get your finger diameter.
  5. Use the Alex.

What size ring is 2 inches?

Inches Millimeters RING SIZE
1.89 48 mm 4 1/2
1.94 49 mm – 50 mm 5
1.99 (2 inches) 51 mm 5 1/2
2.04 52 mm 6

19 more rows

How can I measure my ring size in inches at home?


  1. Cut a thin strip of paper.
  2. Wrap the paper around your finger. Make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle.
  3. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler.
  4. Use the following chart to determine your ring size.

What ring size is 7.5 cm?

Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Inside Circumference (Inches) Inside Circumference (Centimeters)
6.5 2.09″ 5.30 cm
7 2.14″ 5.43 cm
7.5 2.19″ 5.56 cm
8 2.24″ 5.68 cm

13 more rows

What ring size is 2.5 inches around?

Determining Your Ring Size

US Size Cir. in inch British
2.25 1.66 D 1/2
2.5 1.68 E
2.75 1.71 E 1/2
3 1.73 F

56 more rows

What is the average ring size for a woman?

The average women’s ring size is 6 and the average men’s ring size is 8½ Guessing your partner’s ring size correctly can be done with a little common sense. If you have a petite partner, it’s likely that their hands are smaller with slender fingers, so try starting at a size 4 or 4½ for women, and around a 7 for men.

Is your ring size the same as your shoe size?

No, ring sizes are not correlated to shoe sizes; the ring size and shoe size being equal is a common misconception. It is purely coincidental if a person’s ring and shoe sizes are the same.

Is size 9 ring big for a girl?

Women’s ring sizes generally fall between size 4 and size 9, where a size 6 is considered to be the average ring size. This corresponds to around 16.4 millimeters in diameter. Men’s ring sizes are usually larger than that of women’s.

How tight should a ring be?

A proper fitting ring should slide over your knuckle with a little friction and fit snugly on your finger, but not too tight. You should feel resistance and need to apply a little extra force to remove the ring backwards over your knuckle.

How big is a size 9 ring in inches?

Find your ring size

Millimeters Inches
8 18.1 0.714
8.5 18.5 0.73
9 19.0 0.746
9.5 19.4 0.762

18 more rows

How many cm is ring size 8?

Guide to ring sizes

Size Circumference Diameter
6 4.58 cm 1.46 cm
7 4.68 cm 1.50 cm
8 4.83 cm 1.53 cm
9 4.90 cm 1.56 cm

23 more rows

Can you measure your ring size with a tape measure?

Using a measuring tape is the best and most accurate method to determine your ring size. For the best results, make sure to give enough space to accommodate your knuckle.

How many mm is a size 8 ring?

Ring Size Conversion Chart

Ring Diameter (MM) USA/Canada Switzerland
17.3 mm. 7 15¼
17.7 mm. 16½
18.2 mm. 8 17¾
18.6 mm. 18½

18 more rows

What is a size 7 ring in mm?

The most common ring sizes for women are 6 (16.5 mm), 6.5 (16.9mm), and 7 (17.3 mm), while the most common men’s sizes are 10 (19.8mm), 10.5 (20.2 mm), and 11 (20.6 mm).

How can I get my girlfriend’s ring size?

1 Take a ring of hers to the jeweler. 2 Outline a ring she wears on her ring finger and take that to the jeweler. 3 Compare a ring she wears on her ring finger to a ring size chart. 4 Try on a ring she wears on her ring finger to gauge her size.

What size ring is a 50?

Measurement Type

Diameter Circumference European
15.6MM 49 MM 49
16 MM 50 MM 50
16.2MM 51 MM 51
16.5 MM 52 MM 52

13 more rows

How big is a size 10 ring in inches?

Request a Free Ring Sizer

US Size inch Cir. in MM
9 3/4 2.40 60.9
10 2.43 61.6
10 1/4 2.45 62.2
10 1/2 2.47 62.8

55 more rows

What size ring is 3.5 inches around?

Ring Size (US & Canada) Diameter
Inches MM
3.25 0.561 14.25
3.375 0.565 14.36
3.5 0.569 14.45

32 more rows

Is a size 4 ring small?

Smallest US Ring Size

It’s considered extra small and measures 44 millimeters in circumference or 14 millimeters in diameter. The next smallest finger size is US 4, measuring 46.5 millimeters in circumference or 14.8 in diameter.

What size is a 1 inch ring?

(On a device? Best viewed in landscape)

Inside Diameter: Ring Sizes:
MM Inches Numerical (USA, Canada, etc.)
12.4 mm 0.49″ 1
12.6 mm 0.498″ 1 1/4
12.9 mm 0.506″ 1 1/2

63 more rows

How many cm is a size 6 ring?


Size Circumference Diameter
4 4.66 cm 1.48 cm
5 4.93 cm 1.57 cm
6 5.19 cm 1.65 cm
7 5.45 cm 1.73 cm

7 more rows

How can I measure my ring size at home in CM?

Wrap a flexible tape measure around your ring finger to find the size of your finger, in centimeters. Do not wrap the tape measure tightly around your finger. For the most accurate measurement, wrap the tape measure at the level of tightness ideal for wearing a ring on that finger.

What is my ring size if my finger is 2.75 inches?

length to ring size conversion chart

Length Diam. Size*
2.62″ [62.8mm] 20.0mm 10.5
2.69″ [64.1mm] 20.4mm 11
2.75″ [65.3mm] 20.8mm 11.5
2.81″ [66.6mm] 21.2mm 12

16 more rows

Is it better to go bigger or smaller on ring size?

Should you go larger or smaller? If you’re between ring sizes or there’s a reasonable difference in your size throughout the day, a good thing to bear in mind is that it’s always better to go for a slightly larger size than one that’s too small, so you should err in that direction.

Is ring size 7 big for a woman?

Average Woman’s Ring Size

You can see that approximately half of women’s ring sizes were between 6 and 8 with 7 being the most popular size. Whole sizes are more popular than half sizes and rings range from a tiny size 3 up to size 11.5.

Can you tell ring size by height and weight?

There does not seem to be a correlation between height and finger size. Being taller doesn’t necessarily mean having larger fingers, and vice versa. But there could be a little correlation between weight and finger size. Women often find their ring size fluctuates with weight gain and loss.

Is a size 13 ring big?

For instance, a size 7 has a diameter of 17.3 millimeters (mm); meanwhile, a size 7.5 measures 17.7 mm and then a size 8 measures at 18.1 mm.

What Is the Average Ring Size for Men?

Ring Size Diameter (mm)
12 21.3
12.5 21.7
13 22.1
13.5 22.5

10 more rows

How much smaller is ring finger than middle finger?

There is typically a half to whole size difference between fingers – we use 3/4 of a size per finger in estimates. Additionally, there is typically a 1/4 size (sometimes even a 1/2 size) difference from dominate hand to submissive hand.

How much bigger is your thumb than your ring finger?

If you know the size of one finger but need a different finger’s size, a general rule of thumb is: going from pinky to thumb, each finger is about one size larger than the previous one. The same finger on your dominant hand will be about 0.5 size larger than the corresponding finger on your non-dominant hand.

How can I get my girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing?

How to (Secretly) Figure Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

  1. Go with the average ring size.
  2. Try a larger size and resize it later.
  3. Don’t rush, be subtle, work while she sleeps, and use her other jewelry as a baseline (trace the ring and get that sized!)
  4. Ask for help from others (mom, friends, your friends, a jeweler)

More items…

What is the most common ring size?

The average ring size available for women ranges from size 3 to size 9. The most commonly purchased women’s engagement rings size range between size 5 and size 7. Size 6 is the most popular. The average ring size available for men ranges from size 6 to size 13.

What’s the biggest ring size?

Size 27, the largest size, is comparable with a US size 13 and is somewhere in between a UK Z ½ and a Z2. America has fourteen more sizes larger than a 27, and the UK has four. A size 27 ring measures 22.2 mm in diameter and 69.7 mm in inside circumference.

Do rings get looser over time?

Before you freak out and run to the jewelry store for a refitting, know that this is entirely normal. Your ring fit will likely change due to environmental factors like weather, aging, and more – it doesn’t mean you need to rush to the jewelers for a resizing. Why do our fingers fluctuate in size?

Do fingers get fatter with age?

After years, fingers and/or knuckles usually get bigger. It’s best to have your ring resized while you can still take it off. If you’ve waited too long though, stop in to Fox Fine Jewelry and we’ll safely cut your ring off so that it can be resized.

Should you be able to shake a ring off?

Shake test – If you shake your hand with fingers pointed to the ground, the ring should not come off. It may move slightly towards your knuckle but the knuckle should ‘stop’ the ring from flicking off. Knuckle friction – The ring should need a firm push to get it over the knuckle.