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How Much Electricity Do Laptops Use

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How Much Electricity Do Laptops Use

If you are concerned about energy savings, you might want to find out how much electricity do laptops use. The good news is they don’t consume that much power. It depends on how you use it, though.

Modern technology has helped energy savings exponentially over the last years. Devices that before were using tremendous amounts of power are more efficient. Today, you can power your gadgets with only a fraction of electricity.

Let us have a look at what makes your laptop use more power.

Electricity Usage for Office Laptops

If you are using your laptop for daily office tasks, you are in luck. Typical tasks like document editing or spreadsheet data entry don’t use a lot of resources. 

The part that eats the most power in your laptop is its CPU. When CPU usage is low, power usage will also be less.

A normal office user will never pass ten to fifteen percent CPU load on a laptop. This translates to roughly 20-30Whats per hour.

If you want to find out how much electricity do laptops use in a day, it’s easy. Just multiply the number of hours you use it with the watts consumed. If your laptop east up 30Watts an hour, and you work for 8 hours a day, that’s 240Watts of energy.

How to make your laptop use less energy

If you are still concerned that your laptop is using too much power, there is an easy way to improve energy savings. By setting screen brightness lower, you will use less electricity.

Be careful not to use too dark of brightness, as it might hurt your eyes.

Do computers use more or less energy compared to laptops?

Computers have more active parts compared to laptops. Their power usage is usually five to nine times bigger. High-end CPUs are more likely to be present in desktop computers, which will increase power usage.

 It’s not cheaper to work from a computer, compared to a laptop.

How can I make my laptop use less electricity?

There are a few ways you can make your laptop use less electricity. Let us have a look at what options you have.

Use fewer CPU cores

If you use your laptop for small day-to-day activities, chances are you don’t need to use all your cores. By editing your power options, you can lower the number of cores your CPU is using.

Be careful, as this will have a high impact on your laptop’s performance. You can expect at least 40 percent savings by using this method.

Tun keyboard backlight off

If your laptop’s keyboard has a backlight, you might want to turn it off. If you use it during the day, you don’t need lights behind your keys. This way, you can save around five percent of electricity.

Use a cooling pad or a stand

It’s not a direct method, but it passively helps. If your laptop is getting hot all the time, its cooler will work hard to keep it cool. By placing your laptop on a stand, you create airflow beneath it and keep it cool.

Ten to fifteen percent electricity savings will be possible from using a laptop stand.

Final thoughts on how much electricity do laptops use

By now, you should have a decent idea of how much electricity do laptops use. Use our tips to increase energy savings and enjoy more life for your laptop!