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How To Check Comcast Email

Go to and sign in to your Xfinity Connect account to search for email messages. In Xfinity Connect, click in the Search field. Choose a folder you would like to search by using the folder drop-down list and selecting More…

How do I check my Comcast email?

Go to and sign in to your Xfinity Connect account to search for email messages. In Xfinity Connect, click in the Search field. Choose a folder you would like to search by using the folder drop-down list and selecting More…

Why can’t I access my Xfinity email?

Try clearing out your browser’s cache/browsing history. When you have done that, close out the browser and re-start it in a fresh session. If that doesn’t do it, then try using a different browser.

Does Comcast net email still exist?

Yes. All Comcast email accounts must be accessed using the Xfinity Connect web portal at least once every 12 months to remain active.

How do I get my Comcast email on my computer?

Add Your Comcast Email to Windows Mail

Select Windows Mail. In the Mail app, select Settings, then Manage Accounts (or just select Accounts on the left-hand side). Select Other account, then click Next. In the Email address field, enter your Comcast email address.

What happened to Comcast email app?

As we continue to evaluate our product offerings and streamline how you manage services with us, we retired the Xfinity Connect app and Voice2Go features on April 20, 2021.

Is my Comcast email password the same as my Xfinity password?

Yes. We keep things simple by having your Xfinity Mobile username and password match those for your Xfinity Internet account. No more trying to remember multiple passwords!

How long does Comcast email stay active?

Your email account will remain active if you access it using the Xfinity Connect web portal at least once every nine months.

How do I search Comcast emails by date?

To sort messages in your inbox, click on Sort under the email toolbar. When you click on Sort, you will see a drop-down list. Select how you would like to sort the messages in your inbox. You can sort by Date, From, Unread, Size, Subject, and Color in Ascending or Descending order, and Conversations.

Is Comcast same as Xfinity?

Comcast, the biggest cable provider in the United States, is changing its name. According to the company’s blog, Xfinity will now replace Comcast as the company’s new product name in an attempt to show customers that it’s not the “same old company,” but rather an innovator.

Do I lose Comcast email when you cancel?

What does this mean? When you disconnect Xfinity service, you still get to keep your email account(s); however, you’ll only have access to your email if you have logged into your account(s) using the Xfinity Connect web portal within 90 days of disconnecting service.

How do I find an old email account?

Type your favorite usernames into Google, Bing, Yahoo,, and DuckDuckGo to see where they appear online. Do a search for your name (with quotation marks around it to contain results) and email addresses as well.

Why is the Xfinity app not working?

Close and try re-opening the app. Log out and log in to the app. Turn the device on and off. Reinstall the app with the latest version.

How do you find out your Xfinity username and password?

Log in at Note: If you don’t remember your username and password, we can help find your username and reset your password. Depending on the service you subscribe to and type of Xfinity Gateway, you’ll either see an Edit with xFi or a Manage WiFi Settings link.

Do Comcast passwords expire?

Please be aware that the code will expire in 24 hours, and you will need to enter your mobile phone number again to request a new one.

How do I talk to a real person at Comcast?

Please call us at 1-800-XFINITY to talk to one of our customer service representatives for further information.

Can I transfer my Comcast email to Gmail?

Using the mail fetcher feature built into Gmail, you can redirect all your Comcast email to your Gmail inbox. The mail fetcher is an integrated email client that can send and receive messages from any email service with support for POP3.

What is the incoming and outgoing mail server for Comcast?

Comcast SMTP server name: Comcast SMTP username: your Comcast email address. Comcast SMTP password: your Comcast password. Comcast SMTP port: 25 or 465.

What is IMAP Comcast Net?

IMAP makes it easier to sync your email on multiple devices because your folders and mail remain on our server until you move or delete them with your device. With IMAP, the email changes you make on one device, like your smartphone, are reflected on your other devices, like your laptop.

What is 2 step verification Comcast?

Two-Step Verification (also known as your Recovery Options) is a security measure that helps protect online access to My Account, Xfinity web pages and most Xfinity apps by requiring a verification code in addition to an Xfinity ID and password to sign in.

Where is the email app on my Android phone?

Step 1: On the home screen, tap on Apps > Settings > Accounts or simply go to Apps > Email to open up the email app.

What phone number is 800 934 6489?

Welcome to the Comcast Carrier Services Website

If you are a Comcast customer who would like to report an issue or you have a question about our new or existing services, please call Comcast at 1-800-Xfinity (800-934-6489).

How do I filter email on Comcast?

In Xfinity Connect, click the Gear icon on the top-right of the navigation bar, then click Email Settings. Select Filter Rules under Mail, and then select Add new rule. Enter a name for the filter in the Rule name field. Click Add condition to choose the criteria you want to filter.

How do I delete all emails before a certain date?

How do I delete all emails before a certain date in Gmail? To delete all emails in Gmail before a certain date, you can go to the search bar and type in the date. This will bring up all of the emails that were sent or received on or before that date. You can then select all of them and click ‘Delete’.

How do I change the time on my Xfinity email?

Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Right-click the time in the taskbar. Click Adjust date/time. Verify the time zone is correct: If incorrect, click Change time zone and make any necessary changes.

Is Xfinity owned by Verizon?

Verizon and Xfinity are not the same company. They’re two separate entities—the former is a fiber internet and wireless provider, and the latter is a cable TV and internet provider. It can be easy to confuse Verizon with Xfinity because of Xfinity Mobile.

Is Xfinity owned by AT&T?

Comcast is Xfinity’s parent company. The Xfinity product name covers the internet and TV division of the company. AT&T and Comcast/Xfinity are separate entities. Comcast did purchase AT&T Broadband in 2002, which was AT&T’s TV division at that time.

Who is the Roberts family that owns Comcast?

Roberts (born June 28, 1959) is an American billionaire businessman, and the chairman and CEO of Comcast, an American company providing cable, entertainment, and communications products and services which was founded by his father, Ralph J. Roberts.

How many Comcast email accounts can I have?

You are able to create up to seven email addresses associated with your account. To add an email address, sign in at under your Primary Account. Select the My Account link on the home page. In the Email Settings table, select Create Additional Email Accounts.

Can you look up an email address?

One of the easiest ways to find an email address is to use an email lookup service. All you need to do is enter a person’s name and/or a website, and the tool will search for the relevant address for you.

Why can’t I log into my Xfinity account?

Clear your cache and cookies, and try to access the site again. If this isn’t successful, please try to access the page by visiting: This issue is believed to be limited to customers using specific router configurations and we are working on a complete solution.