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How to Chromecast WhatsApp Videos

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how to chromecast whatsapp videos

There are times when we just want to see the bigger picture. Watching videos on your smartphone can get on your nerves sometimes. It’s especially true when you want to see all the details. Let’s have a look at how to Chromecast WhatsApp videos on your TV.

If you’ve been using a Chromecast for some time now, you know how it works. The app lets you cast Chrome tabs from your phone to your TV. But there are times when you want to cast media from other places, rather than Google Chrome.

In the following steps, we will show you how to Chromecast WhatsApp Videos.

Install Google Home App

If you have the app yet, head over to Google Play Store and download Google Home App. Set up your Chromecast device so it’s listening to your phone.

Once you’re done, first check if Google Chrome can be cast to your TV. If everything Looks ok, head over to the next step.

how to chromecast whatsapp videos

how to chromecast whatsapp videos

Tweak settings

Even though Chromecast was designed for mirroring Google Chrome on your TV, they adapted to the public. Now the device is able to cast your entire screen to your TV. This will help us on how to Chromecast WhatsApp video calls.

Go to your Android Phone Settings and click on Connected Devices.

Now click on Connection Preferences to move on to the next step.

There should be a link saying “Cast”. Select it and wait for the new list to show up.

Your Chromecast device should appear in the list. G ahead and select it.

There will be a notification with details about Screen Casting. After you click “Start now” your entire phone screen should now be mirrored to your TV.

Now go ahead and open WhatsApp on your phone. Head over to your videos and watch them inside the chats. They should now be cast to your TV. You can view them full screen to take advantage of the generous screen size.

By following the steps above, you should now know how to Chromecast WhatsApp videos.

How to Chromecast WhatsApp Videos using Google Chrome

There is a secondary option to achieve our end result. This involves using Google Chrome.

Go ahead and open Google Chrome. Now click on the Chromecast icon and cast your Chrome tab. If you go ahead and click on Sources, you now have an option where it says Cast Desktop.

This should now cast your entire smartphone screen into your TV. Go over to WhatsApp and watch your videos or place a video call. The experience should be enhanced.

Here is a video going into visual details on how to use Chromecast for your entire Android device.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to Chromecast Whatsapp videos on your smart TV. Keep in mind that even though bigger is better, the new screen resolution might start to hurt your eyes.