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How To Do Strikethrough In Gmail

Open the Gmail “Compose” window and type in the text you would like to strikethrough. Now select the text by holding the left-click and dragging, and click on the “Formatting options” button at the bottom. Here click on the “More formatting options” button at the right end of the bar and select “Strikethrough” from it.

How do you strikethrough text in email?

How do you strikethrough in Gmail Mobile?

Open the Gmail “Compose” window and type in the text you would like to strikethrough. Now select the text by holding the left-click and dragging, and click on the “Formatting options” button at the bottom. Here click on the “More formatting options” button at the right end of the bar and select “Strikethrough” from it.

What is the Gmail strike button?

StrikeThrough for Gmail. This light-weight extension adds a strike-through button to Gmail compose window – with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S.

How do you indent in Gmail app?

To tab or indent in Gmail, press command + } to indent your line of text or paragraph. And if you’d like to remove the indent, press command + { to remove the additional spacing.

How do I insert bullets in Gmail?

Ctrl + Shift + 8 | Create a bulleted list. Ctrl + k | Insert a hyperlink for highlighted text. Check out the full list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

What is shortcut key for strikethrough?

Select the text you want to strikethrough. Press Ctrl + D.

What is an IMAP account?

IMAP allows you to access your email wherever you are, from any device. When you read an email message using IMAP, you aren’t actually downloading or storing it on your computer; instead, you’re reading it from the email service.

What is the command for strikethrough on Mac?

Use your keyboard shortcut for the strikethrough effect (Mac only) If you are in a rush, the fastest way to strikethrough text in Word on a Mac is the Cmd+Shift+X shortcut. Using the shortcut once applies the crossed out text effect. Using it a second time removes the effect.

Where is strikethrough on Google Docs?

Note: You can also use the shortcut keys to perform a strikethrough on the highlighted text. Press Command + Shift + X on a Mac or Alt + Shift + 5 on a PC.

Can you strike through in Google Docs?

Quick steps to strikethrough text via keyboard shortcut

Click, hold, and drag your cursor from the beginning to the end of the text you want to strikethrough. On Windows, hold down the following keys: Alt + Shift + 5. For Mac, hold down Command + Shift + X.

What is strikethrough in Google Docs?

The strikethrough function in Google Docs allows users to retain parts of the text they aren’t ready to delete right away. Writers can hold onto crossed-out sections that can be used later while improvising a text document.

Where is the Tab key on iPhone?

On an iPhone, there is no tab key. But in the Pages app, it’s easy to insert a perfect indent with just a few quick taps on the screen.

Where is my Gmail toolbar?

From the Menu Bar select View-Toolbars and turn the missing toolbars back on. You have to be in the window where the toolbars normally reside. Send is on the Composition Toolbar in the Write window.

Where is the formatting toolbar in Gmail?

How do I paste in Gmail without formatting?

We know the CTRL + V shortcut for pasting something from the clipboard. But just add the Shift key to the shortcut i.e. CTRL + SHIFT + V (Command-Shift-Option-V on a Mac) and you can paste anything without any formatting in the rich text editor of Gmail.

Why is my email strikethrough?

In prior versions of Outlook, a deleted IMAP message appeared in the message list with a strikethrough to indicate that the message was marked for delete. To delete the message from the mail server required a purge command.

Why is an email crossed out in Outlook?

Messages that are marked for deletion in Microsoft Outlook are grayed out with a strikethrough line but are still visible. If you don’t want to see these messages, tell Outlook to hide these messages.

How do you cross out text in HTML?

The <s> HTML element renders text with a strikethrough, or a line through it. Use the <s> element to represent things that are no longer relevant or no longer accurate. However, <s> is not appropriate when indicating document edits; for that, use the <del> and <ins> elements, as appropriate.

How do you Unstrike a Google document?

To either add or remove strike through to text in a Google Doc you need to use the menu and got to FORMAT>TEXT>STRIKETHROUGH as can be seen in the picture below.

Why is my Gmail blue 2021?

It appears that the blue icon is being caused by one of the ‘Labs’ settings located within Gmail. ‘Labs’ are custom features that you can change to alter the appearance of the how your Gmail looks and works.

How do you remove formatting from an email?

1. In the composing email, select the text you will remove all formatting, and click Message > Clear all Formatting (or Clear Formatting). See screenshot: Now you will see all formatting except the highlight color have been removed from the selected text.

Is Gmail a POP3 or IMAP?

Gmail provides IMAP access to your Gmail account, so you can connect to your email from mobile devices and desktop email clients.

What does SMTP do?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (STMP)

SMTP is used to send and receive email. It is sometimes paired with IMAP or POP3 (for example, by a user-level application), which handles the retrieval of messages, while SMTP primarily sends messages to a server for forwarding.

How do you strikethrough text on mobile?

On Android smartphones, tap and hold the text, then choose Bold, Italic, or More. Tap More to choose Strikethrough or Monospace. On iPhone, tap the text > Select or Select All > B_I_U. Then, choose Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, or Monospace.

How do you put a line through text on a phone?

One way to put a line through text on Android devices is to use the strike-through feature. This can be done by selecting the text you want to strike through and then pressing the “strikethrough” button in the text formatting toolbar.

How do you strikethrough on WhatsApp?

To use strikethrough in WhatsApp, you need to prefix the text with an ‘~’ (tilde) without any space between the tilde and text. Then type in the text that you want to be displayed with strikethrough formatting.

How do you do a strikethrough on Mac Stickies?

To do ONLY strikethrough, you’ll have to go to the Fonts dialog (Cmd+T) and select the strikethrough style. You can also set the color of the strikethrough there.

Where is shift key on Mac?

Most keyboards have two shift keys, these are indicated by the ⇧ symbol. Where is the shift key on a Mac? Just as in Windows, the Shift keys are indicated by the ⇧ symbol. The keys are located in the second row of keys from the bottom – on the very outside.

How do you insert a line in Google Docs?

You can use the editing tools to add lines, shapes, text boxes and images. At the top of the page, find and click Select line. Pick the type of line you want.

How do you tab on Google Docs on an iPhone?

In the Google Drive app, within a Google document, there are two indentation keys in the top status bar. You’ll need to scroll right to get to them. The right one works just like Tab, and the other is for Shift+Tab.