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How To Find My Post On 4Chan

Open your bookmarks or favorites folder from within your browser and select your 4chan post to view it. Your post will be viewable for only a limited time until it’s deleted by the site or administrators.

How do I see my post on 4chan?

Open your bookmarks or favorites folder from within your browser and select your 4chan post to view it. Your post will be viewable for only a limited time until it’s deleted by the site or administrators.

Why did my 4chan post disappear?

My post disappeared! Where’d it go? Threads expire and are pruned by 4chan’s software at a relatively high rate. Since most boards are limited to ten pages, content is usually available for only a few hours or days before it is removed.

Why do 4chan threads disappear?

To further complicate things, 4chan threads expire after a certain amount of time — less time for R-rated boards, more time for G or PG ones — which lends a sense of impermanence to the whole operation and means that users rarely see the exact same thing.

How does 4chan posting work?

Unlike most web forums, 4chan does not have a registration system, allowing users to post anonymously. Posting is ephemeral, as threads receiving recent replies are “bumped” to the top of their respective board and old threads are deleted as new ones are created.

Can you DM on 4chan?

For example, you can’t DM people on 4chan. You have to essentially write them a public note, opening yourself up to communication that way.

Does 4chan archive?

Among 4chan’s key features are anonymity and ephemerality; users do not need to register to post content, and in fact the overwhelming majority of posts are anonymous. At most, threads are archived after they become inactive and deleted within 7 days.

What is B on 4chan?

/b/ is among the boards on 4chan which has a NSFW designation. Consequently, users may post NSFW content on /b/ when the 4chan moderators may restrict such postings on boards without that designation. The community at /b/ sustains various customs.

Is 4chan anonymous?

4chan is a series of anonymous, anything goes forums. 4chan, unlike Reddit and other forum sites, enables users to create and share content without having to create a profile.

How do you reply to a post on 4chan?

On the 4chan website, navigate to the thread with the reply that you want to comment on. Mouse over the number listed next to the poster’s name, and you’ll see pop-up text that reads “Reply to this post.” This means that clicking the number will create a response to that reply.

How do you do spoiler text on 4chan?

Type “[spoiler]” in the comments section to open the spoiler tag.

Is it safe to go on 4chan?

Launched in 2003, 4chan is an established imageboard website with 20 million visitors monthly and 900,000 new posts per day. But its anonymity and over-18 age limit means that it is unsafe for teens to use 4chan.

Is 4chan social media?

Unlike its contemporaries, 4chan presents social media in its most primal form, not dictated by flashy icons or sleek designs. Interaction is placed at the forefront of the medium, with freedom of speech being its defining principle.

What is 4chan ID?

This extension makes it possible to identify the individual users in a thread. When in a thread on 4chan you can click on the ID on the top of the post and all the posts by that ID will be colored a randomly generated color.

How do you post Greentext on 4chan?

Producing green text on 4chan is easy. Simply type a “>” before your text, and it appears as green. Type the forward arrow before each line and don’t leave a space between it and the first word in the line.

What does it mean when a thread is archived?

A thread becomes archived when it goes without posts in it for an extended period of time. This prevents people from reviving threads that have been too long dead.

Can I get hacked on 4chan?

4chan frequently appears in the media as a breeding ground for leet hackerz and DoS attacks, so this security breach is surprising, but it is not necessarily earth shattering. After all, any trip to 4chan’s most notorious boards could result in a page loading that appears to have been hacked.

Can you get Doxxed on 4chan?

It’s often accompanied by public shaming, exposure to legal actions, physical harm, critique, trauma, etc. You can get doxxed and busted on 4chan whether you are a user or not. However, doxxing on 4chan mainly causes undesirable consequences. This article will teach you ways to stay secure from the attacks.

Does 4chan store IP?

As required by law, even communities such as 4chan do require the logging of IP addresses of such anonymous posters. Such data, however, can only be accessed by the particular site administrator.

Is 4chan kid friendly?

Rule 2 states “You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.” This provides the owners plausible deniability as should they be aware a child is viewing some of the material it would constitute a criminal offence in most jurisdictions.

Is 4chan legal in India?

And secondly 4chan posting is banned for almost all ISP’s in India.

Is Reddit safe?

Reddit is designed for adult users, not kids. It’s not a safe place for kids or younger teens because of risks including predators, misinformation, dangerous online challenges, and data leaks.

How do you view videos on 4chan?

Simply click the “Gallery Mode” link with… Quickly flick through images and videos with ease with the 4Chan Gallery Mode extension. Simply click the “Gallery Mode” link with a thread open to start viewing in gallery mode. Use the left and right arrows to navigate through gifs, images, and webm’s.

How do I view WebM files on iOS?

Currently, WebM video playback is not available on iPhone. If you want to play WebM files on iPhone, you need to use a WebM browser, a WebM player, or convert WebM to MP4 (To convert WebM to MP4 on Windows, you can use MiniTool MovieMaker).

How do I play WebM on IPAD?

You can play WebM files on your iPhone using the free PlayerXtreme app. WebM files are commonly supported for web videos in places like YouTube, but your iPhone’s media player won’t be able to play WebM files directly — you’ll need a third-party app for that.

Is discord a social media?

Discord Is a Social Media Platform Built for Gamers.

Does 4chan have accounts?

4chan technically does have accounts in the form of ‘4chan pass’, but it’s not linked to your posts at all[1] and just removes the ads, and lets you bypass the captcha and some kinds of subnet level posting bans.

How do I view 4chan Webms on my iPhone?

There are a few ways to watch 4chan Webms on your iPhone. One way is to use the 4chan app, which is available in the App Store. Another way is to use a third-party app such as Safari or Chrome.

Does 4chan have an API?

Getting started. Data from the 4chan API is exclusively accessible from , via either http:// or https:// protocols. serves JSON representations of posts made at and boards. All examples in the documentation for the 4chan API use https:// .

How do I install 4chan?

Chromium, Vivaldi: Download 4chan X, then open chrome://extensions and drag the downloaded file onto the page. Alternatively, you can install 4chan X from the Chrome store. Opera: Click to install 4chan X, then follow the prompts to activate it in your extension manager. Chrome: Install 4chan X from the Chrome store.

Do threads get deleted Discord?

Note: Archiving a Thread doesn’t mean it will be deleted, you can always find your archived Threads in the Threads Popout at the top.

Do threads delete themselves Discord?

Discord introduced Threads, temporary text channels that will automatically disappear after they have been inactive for a specific length of time. You can create a Thread using any existing message, as well as from scratch. This feature allows you to organize different conversations within a single channel.

How long do archived threads last?

You’ll still be able to read threads in an archive tab, but you won’t be able to reply to them once they’re archived. Server admins can configure this up to three days for archive by default, but if a server is boosted to level 2 with Nitro boosts, then private threads and a one-week archive option will be available.

Can you get hacked just by visiting a website Reddit?

The question “can you get hacked by visiting a website” seems to be floating around the internet a lot. The short answer to it is “yes”, in principle you can.

What is doxxing someone mean?

The word “doxing” (also spelled “doxxing”) is derived from the term “dropping dox,” or “documents.” Doxing is a form of cyberbullying that uses sensitive or secret information, statements, or records for the harassment, exposure, financial harm, or other exploitation of targeted individuals.