How To Remove Credit Card Information From Itunes

Sign in to iTunes, then go to Store > View My Apple ID. Select the Edit link next to Apple ID Summary. On the Edit Payment Information screen, select None instead of choosing a credit card. Then, select Done.Nov 2, 2021

Why can’t I delete my credit card from iTunes?

If you have subscriptions, use purchase sharing, or have an unpaid balance, you must keep at least one payment method on file. If you’re trying to remove your payment method because you don’t recognize a charge, see why you were charged.

How do I stop iTunes from charging my debit card?

All replies. After establishing the Credit Card account (i.e. after you have made purchases), you can remove the credit card information by editing your payment info, choosing “None”.

How do I remove my credit card from Apple ID with active subscription?

If you use the card with Apple Pay, go to the Wallet app to edit the card information. Remove a payment method — Tap Edit, tap the red Delete button, then tap Remove. If you have an unpaid balance, have subscriptions including an iCloud storage plan, or you use purchase sharing, you can’t remove all payment methods.

How do I remove a payment method from my iPhone 11?

Try this: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > (click your Apple ID) > View Apple ID (enter your password if needed) > Payment Method > Select None.

How do I remove payment method from active subscription?

Why can’t I edit my payment method on my iPhone?

If you can’t edit your payment information

Try updating to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS or macOS. If you have subscriptions, have an unpaid balance, or share purchases with your Family Sharing group, you can’t remove all payment information. Get help if you want to use no payment method with your Apple ID.

Why does iTunes keep charging my card?

Here are some reasons Apple might charge your card: App Store purchases: Downloaded on an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, or Mac. iTunes media purchases: These include music, movies, TV shows, or eBooks. Hardware purchases: Made on or at an Apple Store.

Why does iTunes keep charging my credit card?

Purchases made from iTunes or App Store.

Apple charges the credit card linked to your Apple ID account every time you buy an app, game, movie, music, or a similar item.

How do I remove my debit card from everywhere?

How do I remove payment method from iPhone 2020?

How do you stop Apple Pay on iPhone?

To reject a payment, open the Wallet app on your iPhone, tap your Apple Cash card and find the payment under Latest Transactions. Tap the payment, tap the payment again, then tap Reject Payment.

Why can’t I delete my card from my iPhone?

If you’ve tried and failed to delete your credit card information in your Apple ID, it’s probably because of one of the following things is preventing you from removing your credit card: You have an unpaid balance or payment due. You have an auto-renew subscription active. You’re part of Family Sharing.

Why does my Apple account keep charging me? appears on your billing statement when you buy an app, music, movie, or other content from Apple. It also appears when a subscription renews and when a family member buys apps or content from Apple.

Why is Apple charging me 7.99 a month?

If you see “” or an unfamiliar charge on your statement – Apple Support. Just because it says Apple, doesn’t mean the charge is about Apple TV+. It could be something else from the iTunes Store, or App Store. See your purchase history for the App Store or iTunes Store – Apple Support.

How do I contact Apple about unauthorized charges?

Sign in to Tap or click “I’d like to,” then choose “Request a refund.” Choose the reason why you want a refund, then choose Next. Choose the app, subscription, or other item, then choose Submit.

Will changing my credit card number Stop Auto payment?

Changing your credit card won’t necessarily stop the charges because credit card issuers will now update charges to your new credit card automatically. However, if you’ve tried unsuccessfully to cancel a subscription service, you can contact your credit card issuer or bank for help.

How do I delete autofill credit card on iPhone?

Authenticate using Touch ID, Face ID or your iPhone passcode. Tap on ‘Edit’ in the top right corner. Select the credit cards you want to remove or delete. Tap on ‘Delete’ in the top left corner.

Can you get scammed on Apple Pay?

How to Avoid an Apple Pay Scam. The way you can get scammed with Apple Pay is the same as you could get scammed while using any other payment system. Scammers make you transfer your money via Apple Pay to appear as if it was your own choice.

What happens if I don’t accept Apple Pay?

If the person doesn’t accept the payment within 7 days, the money automatically returns to you.

Can I call Apple support?

Apple’s main customer support phone number is 1-800-275-2273 in the US. You can also contact Apple Support using the Support website, the Support app, or by going to an Apple Store.

Why is Apple taking money out of my bank account?

If you were charged by Apple for something there are a few possibilities: You purchased it from the app store (or subscribed to a service) and forgot you did. Someone you share your phone with purchased it from the app store. Someone you share your Apple ID with purchased it from the app store.

What is the 9.99 charge from Apple?

$9.99 per month buys 2TB of storage. (To check your iCloud storage go to, sign in, and click ‘Account Settings’ on the home page.)

What does Apple charge for monthly?

And if it will save you money, we’ll automatically recommend an Apple One plan when you sign up for individual Apple services, based on the services you already have. What does it cost? The Individual plan is $14.95 per month, the Family plan is $19.95 per month, and the Premier plan is $29.95 per month.

How do I cancel an app purchased by mistake?

Cancel app purchases or subscriptions

Visit Your Apps. Select the app you wish to cancel. On the details page, click Cancel purchase.