How To Troubleshoot A Bose Wave Radio

Address the basics, if your Bose Wave doesn’t function at all. Ensure that the power cord is securely plugged in to an operational outlet. If the device functions but doesn’t output sound, turn the volume up or press the “Mute” button to un-mute the system.

Why is my Bose Wave Not Working?

Reset your Wave Radio by following these steps:

Unplug the power cord from the power outlet. Remove the battery located in the bottom of the radio. Wait 30 Seconds. Reconnect the power cord.

How long does a Bose Wave radio last?

The Wave® radio’s 9 volt battery maintains the memory and backup alarm system for up to three days during a power failure, or while the radio is unplugged.

Why does my Bose Wave have no sound?

The TV speakers may need to be turned off and the output may need to be set to Fixed or External Speakers. (Tip: If there is no fixed output option, you might need to turn up the TV volume to max to hear it through your Bose speakers—even if the TV speakers are turned off.)

How do I reset my Bose system?

In order to reset your speaker, press and hold the buttons 1 and volume for 10 seconds. After 1 second, all of the lights on the front of your speaker will turn orange. Hold down the buttons for 10 seconds until all of the lights flash white.

Can you turn on a Bose Wave without the Remote?

The Bose Wave radio can be used without the remote by using the Bose SoundTech app. The Bose SoundTech app can also be used to control other Bose sound systems and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The Bose Sound Wave radio can also be controlled by a learning universal remote.

How do I clean my Bose Wave CD player?

Can a Bose radio be repaired?

At Bose, we’re dedicated to better sound and better service. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service for your Bose products and systems. If you experience a problem with your Bose product at any time, we’re ready to help.

Does Bose have lifetime warranty?

Bose does not have a lifetime warranty plan. Bose provides a Limited Warranty, which lasts between 1-5 years depending on the item purchased. The Limited warranty is free of charge and covers defective products and materials. However, it does not pertain to damages caused by the consumer.

Do they still make Bose Wave radio?

Now in a fresh design. Enjoy lifelike, room-filling sound from the radio that changed an industry—now in a fresh, updated design. The Bose Wave radio features award-winning Bose waveguide speaker technology for clear, high-performance sound. The advanced AM/FM tuner has text capability for song and artist information.

What is the Bose link cable for?

Overview. This cable is used to connect a Lifestyle system media console with the bass module. Compatible with all Lifestyle DVD and V-Class home theater systems.

Where are Bose Wave radios made?

The Wave System III is made in Columbia South Carolina. The Bose A20 and A20 Bluetooth headsets are made in the United States. The US made Bluetooth Headphones they provide are the the most advanced Bose® aviation headset yet, and they are still US made.

How do I turn on my Bose Wave radio?

How do you turn on a Bose Wave?

Check if the touch pad on top of your product can power it on or off. Your Wave system has a touch pad on top of it toward the front center. Tapping it can turn the system on or off. If the touch pad works, see Remote is intermittent or does not control your Bose product.

Is Bose radio still in business?

In a statement sent to Business Insider, a Bose spokesperson confirmed that it “plans to close its remaining 119 retail stores across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia over the next several months.” Around 130 locations will remain open in China, the United Arab Emirates, India, and South Korea.

How can I tell which Bose Wave I have?

The serial number is found on the bottom of the product below a barcode. It begins with the number 0.

Can you hook up external speakers to a Bose Wave system?

This was designed as a fully integrated system to provide great sound without needing additional speakers, and therefore extra speakers cannot be added for expansion.

How do I connect external speakers to my Bose Wave radio?

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker

On the SoundTouch app, press the menu icon and choose Settings and Speaker settings. If you have more than one Bose device, choose the Wave radio. Choose Bluetooth, tap PAIR, and then set your speaker to be discoverable.

How do I reset my Bose SoundTouch 130?

For SA-5 amplifiers, unplug the power cord, wait a full 60 seconds, then reconnect the power cord. If you have an older Bose SoundTouch® 120, 130, 220, 300 and 520 home theater systems, 1st, turn off the system. Once the system is off, disconnect the power cord for 30 seconds and then re-connect.

How do I use my Bose Wave radio without a remote?

The free SoundTouch app is allows you to use your computer or mobile device as a remote control for your SoundTouch systems. Manage system settings, explore local and global Internet radio stations, set and change presets, stream music, view what is playing and more.

Can you use a universal remote on a Bose Wave radio?

To control a Bose device, you need a universal remote with “learning” capability. It has to be one of those remotes where you put the original remote nose-to-nose with the universal and “teach” the universal by pressing the corresponding buttons. You don’t need a $200 Logitech Harmony remote to do this.

Can I control my Bose Wave radio with my phone?

The Bose SoundTouch app is available for iOS and Android devices.

How do you test a Bose remote?

An easy way to test your remote is to place it next to an portable AM radio. Tune the radio so it is off station with the volume turned up, then press any button on the remote. If the remote is sending out a good signal you will here a pulsing noise from the radio.

What kind of battery does the Bose remote take?

The correct battery for your remote is a CR2032. You may also use a DL2032.

Why is my Bose SoundTouch not connecting?

Reboot the device running the Bose app.

Electronics might need to be rebooted from time to time to correct minor issues. This is typically done by powering off the device completely and then powering it back on again.

Can a Bose Wave CD player be repaired?

The answer to this question should be no. Even though the website tells you that the Geek Squad will repair Bose products, i.e. the CD player, They do not. No one buys those CD players anymore, so they can’t be bothered. Parts may not be available, etc.

How much does it cost to fix a Bose Wave radio?

Flat Rate overhaul / refurbishing and upgrades for all models listed above is $299.95 parts and labor plus return shipping and handling. Additional charges may apply for water, lightning or physical damages. See terms and conditions for additional information.

What is Bose warranty?

The Bose® Limited Warranty for Professional products lasts five years from the date of purchase for all amplifiers, digital signal processors, MSA12X, loudspeaker products that are not self-powered (amplified), speaker components for products that are designated weather rated or environmental, and the speaker …

Can a CD player be repaired?

In fact, there is little you can do besides clean the CDs, clean the machine, or replace cords. Just about everything else should be turned over to an electronics technician. You can use a CD repair kit, available where CDs are sold, to polish out scratches on the underside of the disc.

Can I add a CD player to my Bose radio?

Q: Can you connect a CD changer to this Bose? A: Although there is no CD changer accessory from Bose for the Wave Music System IV, there is an audio input on the back, so you can connect just about any product that has an audio output, including a different manufacturer’s CD changer, and enjoy premium quality sound.