How To Unlock A Vodacom Sim Card

Thankfully it’s easy to unblock your SIM card by entering your phone’s unique PIN Unlock Key or PUK number. After you’ve entered your PUK number, you’ll be able to set a new PIN – hopefully one you’ll remember!

How can I unlock my Vodacom SIM?

Thankfully it’s easy to unblock your SIM card by entering your phone’s unique PIN Unlock Key or PUK number. After you’ve entered your PUK number, you’ll be able to set a new PIN – hopefully one you’ll remember!

Can I unlock my SIM card myself?

To unlock your SIM Card, reset the PIN by entering your SIM Card’s unique PUK (PIN Unlock Key). Note: Entering an incorrect PUK (PIN Unlock Key) 10 times will permanently lock your SIM Card. If the SIM Card becomes permanently locked, you will need to swap it for a new SIM Card.

How do you unlock a blocked SIM card?

If you entered 3 incorrect PIN codes and your phone displays “SIM card blocked” or “Enter PUK code”, your SIM card has been blocked to ensure your security. To unblock your SIM card, you must enter a PUK (PIN Unlock Key) code.

What is Vodacom SIM network unlock PIN?

The Network Unlock Code (NUC), sometimes called a Network Unlock PIN (NUP) or Network Control Key (NCK), allows you to unlock a mobile phone from its original network. If you’ve not received a NUC you can request one.

What does Vodacom locked mean?

South Africa’s three largest mobile network providers, Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C, have all started to release network-locked phones – for the first time in nearly a decade. Network-locked devices are tied to one operator, so that a networked-lock phone from MTN will not work with a Vodacom SIM card, and vice versa.

What is the SIM lock code?

Very simply, a SIM PIN is a code, usually between four and six digits, that prevents a SIM card from being used if placed in a new phone, or even after rebooting a phone it’s currently inserted into.

What happens if your SIM card is locked?

If your phone or tablet is locked, you will only be able to use a SIM card from the mobile network it’s locked to. This can be very frustrating if you need to use a SIM from a different network, only to find that your phone (or tablet) won’t let you.

Why is my SIM locked by carrier?

The term “locked” refers to a devices being “SIM locked”. What this means is that the phone locked to that specific carrier and all the settings are optimized for that carrier. If you put another carriers SIM into the phone then it will not work until you get the phone unlocked by the carrier who supplied it.

Is PUK code written on SIM card?

Your PUK code is the 8 digit number found on either the SIM or the additional SIM packaging. By default, your PIN code is the last 4 digits of your PUK code – but obviously if you’ve changed your PIN code yourself, this will no longer apply.

How do you reset a SIM card?

Select the “Settings” icon. Select “Backup & Reset.” Select “Factory Data Reset.” Select “Reset Phone.”

What is Vodafone unlock code?

The Vodafone unlock code, or the Vodafone Network Unlock Code (NUC), is a code that you can use on your Vodafone device to make it accessible by other networks as well. Once you have the Vodafone unlock code, you can simply remove the existing SIM and use another one!

Is my phone SIM locked?

It’s simple to find out if your phone is locked. Simply insert a SIM card from another carrier (you’ll be able to get one free from a phone shop or by ordering one online) and see if the name of the network appears on your handset. If it does and you’re able to use your phone, it’s unlocked.

What is PUK code in Vodafone SIM?

1) The PUK code is a number unique to your Prepaid SIM/ Postpaid SIM card. It is used to prevent unauthorized use of your account, and keep your SIM details safe. 2) You can dial 199 IVR toll free & browse through our menu options to get your PUK code to unblock your SIM.

What is the 8 digit PUK code?

The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is a code consisting of 8 digits. It is used to unblock your SIM card when you entered 3 times a wrong PIN code. A card blocked by the PUK code cannot be unblocked; it cannot be used any further and you have to replace it.

Can you unblock a phone that has been blocked by the network?

You will need to contact your Network Provider who Blocked your mobile phone. Typically your network provider will need to undertake a verification process to establish that you are the legal owner of the mobile phone. Some of these steps will have been taken when you reported your phone as lost or stolen.

How long does a SIM lock last?

The reason many network providers SIM lock their phones is that they offer phones at a discount to customers in exchange for a contract to pay for the use of the network for a specified time period, usually between one and three years.

Can I get PUK code online?

You can try online to find your PUK code as long as you have an online account through your network provider (most offer this service). Log in to your mobile phone account on your computer and look for a PUK code section on your account page. Where this appears will vary among network providers.

What if your PUK code is blocked?

If you do not have your PUK code, contact the Customer Care service of your cell phone company, give them your phone number and once they are sure it is really you, they will give you the PUK code, which you need to enter into your phone; you will then be asked to set a new PIN code.

What is barred SIM?

Additional Information. A Barred Number is a number that can not receive SMS. That could be due to unpaid bills, the number being blacklisted by the carrier, SMS blocking was requested by the user, etc.

What happens when your line is barred?

Users who are barred can receive incoming calls but cannot not make outgoing calls from their lines. If you are among those barred from making calls, here are what you can do to unbar your phone lines. The solutions to this issue depends on the phone network that you use.

How do I know if my line is barred?

If the phone immediately hangs up or beeps rapidly, then either the line is busy or the contact blocked you through their carrier. Of course, if the contact answers your call, you haven’t been blocked.

Can you reprogram a SIM card?

You can swap out a GSM phone’s SIM card at any time, but you will first need to program the card with your account information. To program a SIM card, you will need to contact your mobile phone provider and have them initiate an over the air (OTA) update that will be wirelessly transmitted to your phone.

Can you factory reset a SIM card?

You can go through each piece of information in your phone and delete it to reset your SIM card. A SIM card stands for subscriber identity module and stores most of the information that goes through your phone. You can buy a SIM card reader that will allow you to clear the memory.

Can a SIM card be erased and reused?

Erase the Card

While there is no guarantee all of your data is permanently erased, it is a reasonable precaution and prevents thieves from easily reusing the SIM and pulling your data. In order to fully erase the card, you will need a 3rd party app to wipe the card clean.

How long does it take to get a unlock code from Vodafone?

Use our quick and easy form below. Once you’ve completed it, we’ll usually unlock your device within 72 hours. If we need to check your details or contact the device manufacturer, it may take slightly longer and could be up to 10 working days in some circumstances.

How much does Vodafone charge to unlock?

Unlocking a Vodafone device is free of charge and done via an online form. You’ll hear back from them within 48 hours, with the unlocking process taking up to ten working days.

Can you unlock Vodafone phones?

Unlocking a phone if you’re a Vodafone customer

This is done via the online Network Unlock Code request form page, where you’ll need to answer several questions. These include the type of account you have, whether you’ve used the phone with your current SIM, and if your account is in arrears.

Can a blocked SIM be retrieved?

In case you have lost your SIM card or your SIM card was blocked due to multiple entering of wrong passwords, you can easily retrieve it. Your lost SIM card can easily be retrieved using a back-Up or Welcome Back SIM card.

Why does my SIM card not work?

Sometimes dust can get between the SIM and your phone causing communication issues, to remove the dust: Turn off your phone and remove the SIM card. Clean the gold connectors on the SIM with a clean lint-free cloth. Replace the battery and turn your phone on without the SIM.

Can you unlock a phone yourself?

The simplest way to unlock your device is to ring your provider and ask for a Network Unlock Code (NUC). Most will provide you with one and some even do it for free once your contract is up. Once you’re provided with the code you should be able to enter it into your phone to remove the lock.

How do you unbarred 9 Mobile line?

Dial *351*barring code# to activate; Dial #351*barring code# to deactivate, To check call barring status, dial *#351#.

How can I unban my Glo SIM?

How to unbarred my glo sim. Pick up your phone and dial the consumer service 121 or 171. Tell them that your glo sim card is barred and you need it to be unbarred.

How do you reset your network settings?

To reset network settings

Find and tap Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset network settings.

How can you unlock a locked phone?

Can you unlock a phone with the IMEI number?

Your wireless service provider needs the IMEI number to unlock your phone. Contact your mobile service provider and say you want to unlock your phone. Your service provider will review your account to confirm you meet all requirements to have your phone unlocked for free.