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Instagram Adds Live Video and Story Moderators

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Instagram is always looking for ways to keep its users engaged. It now lets you add moderators for Live Video and Story on your streaming.

You can delegate a moderator directly from the “Who’s Watching” list. Mods will have full access to likes and comments posted by spectators.

If you are a major influencer, or simply have a big user base, this will come in handy. You can now add a couple of trusted people to be your Live Video moderators. Imagine taking all that responsibility off your hands.

Add Moderator Option on Instagram

What can moderators do on Instagram?

Moderators will have the power to read, and even reply to comments. That will help you stay more engaged with your audience, while you are streaming.

If you have been streaming for a while, you know how common it is for messages to get lost. Or not even being able to read a fraction of what your audience is saying. Moderators will be able to help you even close commenting altogether. They can even initiate Live sessions from the audience.

The update will help you manage roles on your shared Instagram account as well. If you are wondering when Instagram will release the update, it shouldn’t be too late. I will update once I have clear instruction set on how to add a moderator to your Instagram Live Video or Story.

Up until now, only you were able to manage your audience. It included disabling comments, replying, reading comments out loud. Even doing Q&As was supposed to be handled by you. You probably know how big of a problem this is, when you are faced with thousands of watchers. Or even more.

On the flip side, the news isn’t so great for the audience. Imagine sending a question, or a comment, and getting a reply. You will have no way of knowing if the message is indeed from your star, or it’s just from someone they delegated.

Overall, this should increase user engagement. Instagram is always looking for ways to keep its streamers happy and help them have a better response from the audience. With Facebook rebranding its name to Meta, it’s a surprise they still have time to implement Instagram updates.