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Let Imagetocartoon Be Your Next Cartoon Avatar Creator

ImageCartoon Avatar Creator

An avatar is a visual representation of a person for use in digital contexts. In moedern society, avatar has been more and more important as it can partly show your brand’s style, your current emotions, as well as your attitude towards the world. Now using cartoon avatars is the best of both worlds, protecting your privacy and promoting your business well.

You may heard of lots of photo to cartoon makers and may be disappointed at some of them. Here comes a new choice – imagetocartoon, a new published online cartoon avartar creator allowing you to make your own personalized portrait. If you are tired of the same old avatars, why not try this tool? Follow me to unlock what is imagetocartoon and how to cartoonize yourself by this powwerful helper. Here we go!


Imagetocartoon Overview:

Imagetocartoon is a free web-based application to make any face photo to cartoon. It allows users to upload and cartoonize images in seconds for free. Based on AI technology and face  recognition algorithms, this software can make you look highly similar to yourself in photos. Multiple interesting body poses and background scenes are for you to apply to your photos.

It converts one single picture into 15 different styles of cartoon portraits with high quality. It’s free to download all wonderful cartoon works without signing up for an account. Even more surprisingly, it supports watermark-free downloads. You can easily share your cartoon avatars on social media to attract your followers’ attention. 


Key Features:

– Convert a face photo to 15 cartoon styles.

– Support different body poses and background scenes.

– Automatic matching of dress and background according to gender.

– Free to use: no need to sign up

– Max 10 images can be converted per week for a free account.

– Generate high-quality cartoon portraits without watermark.

Using Imagetocartoon to Create Your Avatar Step by Step:

  • Step 1: Go to the the software’s website by clicking here.
  • Step 2: Click “Upload an Image” button to upload the picture you want to cartoonize.
  • Step 3: Wait for the photo to cartoon conversion. That process may last 3-10 seconds, depends on the size and dimension of your picture.
  • Step 4: Preview all 15 cartoon effects. Choose which one is your favorite.
  • Step 5: Click “Download” button to save the work. If you want to share these funny pictures on social media, you can also choose “Download HD” to get bigger size images.
  • Or you can watch this Youtube tutorial to know using tips of imagetocartoon:

Upcoming Features:

This app is released recently, and it is 1.0 version now. The developer has been upgrading it. Users will enjoy the following features as soon as possible.

  • More body poses
  • More funny background scenes
  • Small ornaments for the head
  • Stickers to add to the picture
  • Convert your photo to GIF Emoji
  • Follow trends and add more pop elements

Why Imagetocartoon is Better Than Other Avatar Makers?

  • This tool is free for use. You need to cost nothing. If you are looking for a free avatar maker, you come to the right place.
  • Not only for head cartoonization, but also the body. Imagetocartoon guarantees an interesting new look for your social profile.
  • Free to save all generated pictures, free to share them on any platform.
  • 2 options for downloading the cartoon images: small size for social media avatar, larger size for display and printing.

Is imagetocartoon safe to use?

Yes, sure it is. This website ensures a safe running environment, protecting users’ privacy with no doubt. As promised on its home page, it will erase all your pictures within 3 hours. So don’t worry about the privacy issues.

About the developer of imagetocartoon:

Shane Steven, the developer of imagetocartoon, has 8-year experience in software development, specializes in the development of AI photo editors. The featured products include imglarger, PhotoAI, Bgeraser, etc. Shane is happy to answer any questions about photo editing and photo enhancing. Find him on Quora and invite him to give any professional pieces of advice.