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Microsoft Will Allow You to Run Android Apps on Windows 11

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One of the most exciting new features in Windows 11 unveiled in the summer when the OS was announced was the ability to install and run Android apps on your PC. In the past, this capability had to be done through an Android emulator like BlueStacks, but Microsoft wanted to offer this functionality natively in Windows 11.

Unfortunately, this feature was not available at launch a few weeks ago. However, beta testers of the operating system can now test this capability.

Run Android Apps on Windows 11

Microsoft enables one of the most anticipated features in Windows 11 beta: running Android apps

The ability to run Android apps on Windows 11 is the result of a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon. The apps don’t come from the Google Play Store, but from the Amazon Appstore. Thus, a new Amazon Appstore Preview category has appeared in the Beta version of the Windows Store, where 50 apps are currently listed. 

Why only 50 and not all of them are not yet clear, but it is possible that these are the only ones that have been tested and are working without problems.

The ability to run Android apps does not limit users based on available hardware. The system requirements mention AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm processors, so pretty much any Windows 11 device will be able to run the apps. Besides, there’s not much difference between an Android app and a native Windows app.

All apps in the Amazon Appstore will be able to be resized and used alongside those new Snap Layouts, which allow you to quickly arrange multiple windows on the screen, while in-app notifications go into Action Center, just like notifications in Windows apps. Last but not least, the clipboard is common between apps. Also, shortcuts to them can be positioned on the taskbar and quickly launched from there.

The Amazon Appstore currently hosts 600,000 apps, so the 50 available now are just a small sample. Microsoft says these are specifically chosen to work on as many systems as possible:

“We’ve partnered with Amazon and popular app developers to choose 50 apps for Windows Insiders to test and validate on a wide selection of hardware,” Microsoft announced.
The news comes as a pleasant surprise. A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft also announced they will let users install windows 11 on an unsupported pc.