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Samsung to Remove Headphone Jack on Galaxy A33 5G

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More and more premium smartphones are removing the headphone jack. At the moment, only entry-level gadgets still feature the headphone jack. Samsung looks like it is going to remove it from their Galaxy A33 5G Model next year as well.

Mid-range smartphones were somehow protected from headphone jack removal. But it seems Samsung changed its mind. Leaked photos suggest that their cheap model, the Galaxy A33 will lack a headphones jack. It is believed that the Galaxy A33 5G will be the cheapest smartphone from Samsung, which offers 5G connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Feature Image

Galaxy A33 5G – the first mid-range smartphone from Samsung without headphones jack

Leaked images emerged online, featuring the new budget smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy A 33 5G. You will be able to buy this model starting with 2022. The pictures reveal that Samsung is preparing to disrupt the smartphone market, especially the budget one.

Designs for Galaxy A33 are not so different, compared to what you might have seen in the last couple of years. It features a notch n the front side, a shiny plastic back cover, a metallic frame, and one connectivity port: USB-C.

The bottom of the smartphone is no different. You will get the same audio speaker you are familiar with from other Samsung models. It’s next to the charging and data port(USB-C) and a SIM card slot.

Yes, there is no headphone jack. You might think it’s because they don’t really have a part of wireless headphones to match their smartphone. And you might be right. A pair of Galaxy Buds ranges around $200. It would be hard to believe people will spend almost the same as on the smartphone for some headphones.

The removal of the headphone jack will most likely be seen on their superior models as well, the A53 and A73. You will most likely witness the removal of microSD cards as well. Samsung is keeping it in the same line with their premium models, where they already removed the storage option.

Samsung Galaxy A33 Specifications

There is not much to be revealed about the new Galaxy model from Samsung. Here are some specifications and features that you might see:

  • 6.4inch Display(flat)
  • Front Selfie Camera inside a punch-hole Infinity-U design
  • FHD+ AMOLED Display Quality
  • Quad Rear Camera
  • USB Type C for charging and data transfers
  • White, Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Black color options

Camera sensors are still unknown at this point. You will be able to get a glimpse of the specs probably close to December or January.

Here is a video detailing the new Samsung Galaxy A33 specifications and design.