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What Does A Blue Pallet Mean

These blue CHEP

CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool) is a company dealing in pallet and container pooling services, serving customers in a range of industrial and retail supply chains. It is a subsidiary of Brambles. CHEP offers wooden and plastic pallets, small display pallets, crates and IBC containers.

pallets were used to provide efficient handling of defense supplies during World War II. When the war ended in 1945, Americans returned home, leaving behind millions of blue pallets at their military bases in Australia.Oct 5, 2022

Are blue pallets safe to use?

should avoid pallets which are painted (the blue, red and brown ones are usually collected and reused by the pallet company which supplies them). You should also avoid any pallets with a MB stamp. This stands for Methyl Bromide which is a harmful chemical used to prevent wood eating insects consuming the pallets.

What do pallet colors mean?

Colored pallets

Red pallets: PECO (The Pallet Exchange Company from the USA) Red pallets: LPR (La Palette Rouge from Europe) Blue pallets: CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool from Australia) Brown pallets: IPP (IPP Logipal from Europe)

What is the meaning of CHEP pallets?

CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool) is a company dealing in pallet and container pooling services, serving customers in a range of industrial and retail supply chains.

How do you get rid of blue pallets?

Blue pallets are legally owned the CHEP company and should be returned directly to them either through the company they were obtained from or to CHEP directly. For a free collection, telephone or e-mail them on 0800 515 320 or [email protected] or visit their website for further details at

How much is a blue CHEP pallet worth?

In the U.S. CHEP enlisted hundreds of customers as “participating” distributors, giving them incentives to return pallets on time. It pays ransom to pallet recyclers, $2.25 for each blue pallet they send back to chep.

What are the blue pallets called?

CHEP pallets are very easy to identify. They are painted blue and have the corporate logo marked on them or have “Property of CHEP” or “Owned by CHEP” labelled on them to make them unmistakable in the market.

What does blue paint on wood mean?

For example, blue is commonly used to indicate a property boundary, while red is used to indicate the boundary within which the timber harvesting is to take place. But there is no law that says a private consulting forester has to use a certain color in a specific way.

What’s the difference between red and blue pallets?

Red pallets from Europe will be stamped LPR for La Palette Rouge and are used for international shipping. Blue pallets are stamped CHEP for Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool from Australia while brown pallets are stamped IPP for Logipal from Europe.

Are blue CHEP pallets treated?

CHEP ensures that all CHEP PLUS PS pallets have been heat treated in accordance to the regulation and are properly marked using our own IPPC marks.

What does CHEP mean in slang?

English meaning of chep

Hide. pus, sticky secretion from the eyes. stickiness. sticky juice or sap of a plant.

Why do people use CHEP pallets?

You can maximize your supply chain efficiency and performance with our CHEP pallets and containers. Our innovative design provides greater efficiency in pallet loading and unloading. In addition to a reduced risk of pallet failure and less product damage, our pallets are made from 100% reusable or recycled materials.

Is selling CHEP pallets illegal?

It’s not okay to buy, sell, exchange, trade or discard CHEP pallets. Pooled blue wood pallets are the property of CHEP and cannot be sold, wherever you find them.

Can blue pallets be recycled?

Wood is typically left on site as a result of deliveries or refurbishments. Pulse Environmental will arrange to take away all wooden pallets for re-use or recycling. Blue CHEP pallets are a re-use pallet service which cannot be collected for recycling.

How big is a blue pallet?

Frequently asked questions about our blue pallets

The standard CHEP UK pallet size is 1200 x 1000 mm. Pallet height is 150mm. Euro pallets measure 1200 x 800 mm. Our wide range of CHEP pallets and containers can maximize your supply chain efficiency and performance.

Do CHEP pallets have trackers?

CHEP pallet tracker uses Cellular, Wifi or GPS to determine it’s location and accuracy of location goes from coarse to accurate in the order. Customer can monitor the # of times each tracker has used Cellular, Wifi or GPS.

What is the difference between CHEP pallets and regular pallets?

What are the CHEP pallet dimensions? The standard US pallet size is 48 x 40 inches. CHEP pallet height is 5.6 inches. Our wide range of CHEP pallets and containers can maximize your supply chain efficiency and performance.

What company makes blue pallets?

The answer is that CHEP paints its pallets blue. CHEP uses blue as a pallet color coding aid as well as a marketing advantage. The blue color makes its pallets easier to identify.

How many CHEP pallets are there in the world?

The leader in supply chain solutions

CHEP’s 12,500 employees and approximately 300 million pallets and containers deliver comprehensive coverage and exceptional value, supporting more than 500,000 customer touch-points for global brands such as Procter & Gamble, Sysco and Nestlé.

What industry uses CHEP pallets?

CHEP’s platforms form the invisible backbone of global supply chains, primarily serving the fast-moving consumer goods, fresh produce, beverage, retail and general manufacturing industries.

How much do blue wooden pallets weigh?

Measuring 48 inches long by 40 inches wide, this pallet is used in a variety of industries, including produce and grocery shipping. These pallets can weigh anywhere from 33-48 lbs.

How much weight can a CHEP pallet hold?

A general purpose pallet that can be safely used for most applications in the distribution and transport chain. The CHEP Block Pallet has been designed using the Pallet Design System to carry 2,800 lbs in normal operating circumstances with a uniformly distributed load.

What color means no trespassing?

To save money and to make money, that’s why. Purple paint on boundary line trees or fence posts means NO TRESPASSING, just as a green light means go and a red light means stop.

What does blue tape around trees mean?

tell them what it means…you may change a child’s life.” Family and Children’s Services have blue ribbons tied on our trees during the month of April to remind the community about the children that need our support.

What does a blue mark on a tree mean?

Trees marked with blue paint will be removed, leaving the forest healthier and more resilient. This tree marks a unit boundary, as well as a “leave” tree. The numbered trees are part of the Forest Service’s data collection process that helps estimate how many trees will be removed.

How can you tell if a pallet has been treated?

Look for the IPPC stamp on the side of the wood to determine how it was treated. Pallets marked with an “HT” were heat-treated and did not come into contact with chemicals during the treating process. Avoid unmarked pallets or those stamped with an “MB” for methyl bromide.

How much does a blue Walmart pallet weigh?

The American blue pallet weighs an average of 38kg or 84lbs and has planks running both longways and shortways on the bottom.

How do CHEP pallets work?

Our pallet system works on a rental or hiring basis. Pallet renting provides many appealing benefits to pallet users. With the “Share and Reuse” concept, the shippers products are loaded onto and shipped through the supply chain. At the end of the supply chain, the pallets are returned to the pallet pool and reused.

Will CHEP pallets burn?

You can burn heat treated pallets safely since they have not been chemically treated.

Is it OK to burn pallet wood?

Pallets, lumber, and other cut and dried scrap wood are indeed good to burn (as long as you are completely sure they were not treated with any chemicals such as arsenic or methyl bromide, which are very hazardous when burned).

Why is there a shortage of Chep pallets?

Demand for timber has risen during the coronavirus pandemic, due to an increased number of home renovations requiring timber as a building supply. Timber is used to build new pallets and repair existing pallets. So a shortage of timber has resulted in few new pallets being made, and existing pallets not being repaired.

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Where did CHEP pallets come from?

Post World War II, the Australian Government takes ownership of a collection of pallets and other transportation assets left in Australia by the US Army and, in 1946, introduces the name Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool (CHEP).

What is the average price of a pallet?

Pallet Prices:

Lower price range Upper price range
New wooden pallets $19 $24
Used or reclaimed wooden pallets $10 $18
Export pallets $10 $28
Plastic pallets $10 $45

1 more row

Are CHEP pallets 4 way?

Its 4-way entry design offers greater efficiencies during transport and storage. The CHEP Block Pallet has been designed using the Pallet Design System to carry 2,800 lbs in normal operating circumstances with a uniformly distributed load.

What are CHEP pallets made from?

CHEP offers wooden pallets and plastic pallets in standard formats.

How much does a CHEP pallet weigh?

38.5kg. Top features of CHEP pallets: Universal acceptance across Australian industry.

How tall is a CHEP pallet?

In North America, the CHEP standard size is 48×40-inch. More recently, the 24×40-inch half pallet was introduced. There is also a CHEP 48×20-inch pallet offered in Canada. Internationally, CHEP pallet dimensions typically conform to existing or emerging standards in the region of use.

Are painted pallets toxic?

Markings on Unsafe Pallets

Another easy way to tell if pallets may be dangerous to reuse is if they are brightly coloured, as this could indicate that they have previously been used to move toxic chemicals. If in doubt, it is best to avoid reusing such pallets.