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What is a Wireless Keyboard Filter Device

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What is a Wireless Keyboard Filter Device

In 2016, Microsoft addressed a security issue with wireless devices. The software company issued an update that included a package named Wireless Keyboard Filter Device.

If you are concerned this is a keylogger, don’t be. The package addresses a security issue that could let potential hackers inject malicious packets into your wireless receiver.

The update is not exactly for the keyboard. It was originally designed to address mouse packet filtering. Users who own a Microsoft mouse were the only ones exposed to the security flaw. 

QWERTY key frames are now filtered by the Update, so the communication from Wireless Microsoft dongles to Microsoft wireless devices are now secured. Before, it was easy for a hacker to send fake keystrokes to your computer, thus allowing the attacker to manipulate your computer/device.

Since the wireless receiver is impossible to update its firmware, Microsoft issued a Wireless Keyboard Filter update to fix the problem in the software, thus blocking the exploit.

If you own a Microsoft Mouse, it would be highly advisable to install this update. If you are reading this in 2021, it’s most probable you already have it and the issue is fixed.

As users expressed their worries this could be a potential keylogger, we are happy to let them know not to worry. Although it appears and disappears from the Task Manager, it’s completely safe.

If you are interested to find out more about what is a Wireless Keyboard Filter Device, Microsoft issued the update’s advisory. You can read more about it by clicking here.