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Why Is Your Webcam On when PC Is Off

Why is Your Webcam ON When PC is OFF

Imagine waking up at night to do your business, then you see the green light indicating your webcam is on. Scary, right? There are a few reasons why your webcam is on even when your PC is off. Let’s g over a few of them.

Webcam on but pc is off

Even though your PC is offline, the Webcam might still be drawing in power. This is usually because USB ports on newer PCs still offer electricity while shut down.

The good news is there is something you can do about it.

Disable USB Power from BIOS settings

Newer computers and laptops, by default, will allow USB charging or power usage even when the PC is offline. To disable this, you have to restart your computer and go into your BIOS settings. This is simple, and you will see what key to press to enter BIOS once you start your computer.

Keep in mind though, if you disable USB power while shut off, you won’t be able to charge your phone from the USB ports. This is usually the main reason why webcams still get power from the PC while off.

Check if your PC is shutting down properly

A common problem, there are times when your PC won’t shut down properly. Instead, it will go into sleep mode. While the display and hard drive aren’t working, external devices still receive power. This is one of the reasons why your webcam is still on when the PC is off.

A simple solution is to go to your Computer settings, then Power Management, and have a look at what your computer does when it gets the Shut Down command. You might have accidentally told it to sleep instead of completely shutting down.

Make sure your system is not infected with malware

Cybersecurity is no joke. There are hundreds of thousands of potential attacks each day. You need to regularly check your PC or laptop to see if it’s not infected with a virus or malware.

Attackers can turn on your webcam on purpose to spy on you. There were cases when extortion was on the table as well. If you are unsure how to check if your computer is infected, it’s better to call a specialist.

However, as a temporary fix, keep this in mind. Even though the Webcam is on when your PC is off, you still don’t have internet access. So at the very least, you shouldn’t be too worried that someone is spying on you.

Laptop user? Just close the lid

The easiest way to stay relaxed is to just close the lid on your laptop when you don’t use it. Even if the webcam draws power while your laptop is shut down, no one is going to be able to see anything. 

This is the proper way to power off a laptop, anyway.

Hard switch? Disable your Webcam

If everything else doesn’t work, there’s a sure way of staying safe. Just disable your webcam.

Go to Device Manager in Windows. Look up your Webcam. Go to Properties, and just disable it.

Whenever you need to use it again, just redo the steps above to enable it.

Still having problems? Maybe it’s time to call in a specialist, as it might be some hardware glitch. I hope by now you have a good idea of why is your webcam still on when your PC is off.