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Windows 11 Update to Fix Performance Issue on AMD Systems

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So far, Windows 11 has launched without any major flaws. However, there is an impressive list of bug fixes on their Beta channel. Microsoft Update team took over most of them. They are working to address the issues.

Among the latest updates, Microsoft released a patch after AMD agreed to collaborate to solve the problem. The problem was responsible for up to 15% loss in performance on certain AMD Ryzen CPUs.

The issue affected Ryzen CPUs with over eight cores and a TDP power usage of more than 65w. These are the high-end configurations, like AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and 5950X.

Preferred cores are capable of achieving the highest frequencies in Boost Mode. Microsoft didn’t identify them correctly. The performance issue was the cause for losing Hundreds of MHz. 

Managing L3 memory efficiency was a second problem reported by Microsoft. The latencies were up to three times higher compared to Windows 10, for example. AMD reported a three to five percent loss in performance.

Gaming-wise, more than ten percent was lost, compared to Windows 10 performances on AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Today, distribution started for the KB5006746 update, which is the name of the Microsoft Patch. Bluetooth connectivity issues for mouse and keyboard are no longer a problem. The update also took care of some Start Menu problems that were common when upgrading from Windows 10.

Most glitches are more present when trying to install Windows 11 on unsupported devices.