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Windows Insiders Can Now Test The New Controller Bar

If you like to test Windows early previews, Microsoft has a new one for you. The new game Launcher can now be tested if you are part of the Dev and Beta channels.

The debate is still going on whether it’s better to use a mouse and keyboard, versus using your controller on a console. And it probably will go on a lot of time in the future.

While you might be getting great scores on your mouse and keyboard, sometimes using an Xbox controller to play your video games feels just right. 

If you needed more reasons to use a controller, Windows added a feature called “controller bar”. It can be tested by Windows Insiders, and it’s available in the Dev and Beta channels.

The controller bar is activated when you press the center Xbox button.

Similar to the Xbox Game bar, the controller bar will display your recent games played, be it on Xbox, Steam, Origin, etc.

Whenever you will connect or pair a controller to your PC, the controller bar will show up automatically. You can also manually start it by pressing the Xbox button whenever you’re playing a game.

Since the entire feature is based upon pressing the center Xbox button, the control bar won’t work with other types of controllers.

How to install and activate the control bar on your desktop

You need to install the latest Insider Preview Build (225xx) available from either the Dev or Beta channels. Then install Xbox Insider Hub, here’s a link to it.

After you’ve opened the app, sign in to your Microsoft account, then go to “Previews” and join the Windows Gaming preview. You’ll need version 5.722.5022.0 or later for this to work.

Once you restarted your PC, the control bar should pop up once you pair/connect your console controller.

There’s still no notification that will let you know your controller battery is depleted.